Great Garlic

Yesterday was the shortest day, woohoo! Winter still has a long way to go but I love the thought that I will start getting more daylight hours from now on. It’s hard to get motivated to do things when it gets cold and dark. And when you’re feeling like a hippopotamus that is about to explode… That’s how I felt for most of the weekend, so not much was accomplished. Fortunately, I have Mondays off work now. Today was a beautiful, sunny day and I was feeling a lot more functional so it was my second-chance-Saturday.

The 'Tomato Bed'
The ‘Tomato Bed’

I decided it was a good day to plant my garlic. This was after a pruning incident in which I whacked myself in the eye socket with a branch. Oops. It hasn’t turned black yet so I think we’re all good. Since the vege garden beds are still in a state of dismantlement and chaos, the only decent place I could plant the garlic was in the long narrow tomato bed. I will be planting tomatoes in it later on but I figured I could squish a row of garlic along the front. I dug in the small, lonesome bag of horse pooh that I had managed to acquire. I have had trouble finding poop of late. The location near my work that usually has a large supply of bagged poop had nothing when I went there recently. You’d think that I could find some pretty easily driving through the country so much, but no. I have even developed the poop eagle eye. My eye picks up all forms of bags sitting outside people’s properties. But they all seem to be rubbish at the moment. I need to go on a real poop hunt.

Garlic cloves
Nice big garlic cloves. And my dirty gloved finger.

After my digging I sat down for a nice rest while I sorted out my garlic cloves. Last year I bought my garlic bulbs to plant and then saved the biggest bulbs from the season’s harvest. I was pleased to find so many big cloves from my crop. They were definitely bigger than the ones I started with so I am making progress! I would like them to get bigger and bigger every year until they are GIANT. That would be fun. Some of the cloves had even started rooting. I sorted them into the nice big cloves, a few maybes and the not-gonna-make-it ones, which will be eaten instead. A side-benefit was saving the outer skin and old root offcasts to sprinkle into the chicken house to help repel mites and other nasties.

Garlic clove sorting
Good cloves, poor cloves and three maybe cloves.
Outer skin and root offcasts
Outer skin and root offcasts for the chicken house.

I ended up with 26 cloves poked into their little holes. I covered ’em up, watered ’em in and now, we wait…

ggarlic holes
So long, cloves. Grow well.

2 thoughts on “Great Garlic

  1. Yup, it’s one of the few things that feels productive in my winter! Now I need to work on increasing my crop as I get bigger bulbs and cloves. It was good to read your tips – I have great intentions about liquid feeding my garlic this year, but I’m also conscious that a certain Little Twiglet is due to arrive right at the start of spring, so that’s going to make all things gardening a bit interesting this year…


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