In Which The Strawberries Move House

The strawberries needed to move house. They had resided in the super long wooden ‘planter box’ The Husband found on a pile of pallets for the last year or two but it was falling apart. People always commented on what a cool idea it was and I liked it too, although it was taking up a bit much space on our deck. One end had come apart though, and the strawberries down that end were drying out, so I had to find somewhere else for them to go. While I was removing the strawberry plants the bottom of the long planter caved in at one spot. Just in time!

DSCF7668 cp
The long wooden strawberry planter has come to the end of its life. This is the good end. The other end has fallen apart.

One day The Husband came home with two round, grey plastic vessels with lids and asked if they would be useful. He does that sometimes. Sometimes the things are useful and sometimes they aren’t at all. I looked at the round grey tubs. Yes! The possibilities were many: water plant vessels, small ponds, herb planters, storage containers, dust baths for the chickens… It wasn’t until I took the lids off later that I discovered they had big holes through the middle. Oh. That drastically discounted most of the possible uses I had thought of. But strawberry planters was one idea I thought could work.

DSCF7512 cp.JPG
One of the grey tubs.

I got The Husband to drill some drainage holes in the bottom and I transplanted the strawberries from their derelict planter. Eventually, I want to get two nice, taller pots to sit in the middle of each tub, with either strawberry plants or something ornamental in them and will properly site them somewhere. Other strawberries will probably be planted in the future permanent vege bed (for perennial edibles) in the compost corner, but it will probably be a little while before that gets done. It is easier to grow strawberries in the ground but they do look nice in planters and are more accessible for quick eating purposes. And when the planters are free, how can you go wrong?

DSCF7666 cp
The strawberries in their new, recycled, free, grey tubs and some in smaller pots for now. I have three varieties: Chandler, Camarosa and Temptation.

What do you think?

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