A Strawberry Patch is Born

So, this happened: I’m not entirely sure how. The Husband did dig the hole for the apple tree, which I was most grateful for, but as for the rest of it, would you believe… Woodland Fairies? The Husband believes in The Cleaning Fairy, so she’s bound to have some green-fingered friends. Somehow the newest garden … More A Strawberry Patch is Born

Fruit Check-in

After the craziness of Christmas I now have some time to catch up on my gardening and blogging. There are so many things to write about! I will start with the fruit. Oh, yes, and happy New Year people! Our hot, sticky New Year’s Eve was spent trying to get The Little Fulla to sleep … More Fruit Check-in

The Jam Experiments

There is something I’ve been wanting to do. Sure, it sounded a little scary and intense, but it would be very rewarding in the end. I was determined to venture into the world of preserves. I wanted to make jams, chutneys, relishes, tomato preserves and more. This was the year. And this was the weekend. I picked this … More The Jam Experiments