The Husband Has a New Obsession

I think The Husband has a problem. He’s obsessed with the chunky pallets. He arrived home one day with ANOTHER van load of them. He hadn’t even finished prepping the last (third) pile for the fire and now he has another pallet pile out the front! And now he knows what day of the week the pallets get put out by the road in his special place. He knows! This is good and bad. It is good because we love free firewood and he’s willing to spend lots of time dismantling, de-nailing and sawing up the pallets. It is bad because it means piles of pallets and pieces of wood everywhere. I had to remind The Husband that there’s still a pile of wood and branches near the deck that needs cutting up for the fire. That was also free. His eyes were still aglow with pallet excitement and my words were sailing past his rose-tinted glasses. I had to ban him from picking up any more pallets until he’s finished cutting up the messy wood pile. I’ve been cutting up some of it, but I have so many other outdoor things to do as well.

Nothing says, “Welcome home” like a hulking great pile of pallets covered in black plastic. The plants behind it are not going to be happy either.

My latest low-cost find is a swing and slide set for The Little Fulla. It cost $5! It needs a clean and a couple of rings and bolts need to be replaced, but how can you go wrong for that price? Score!

Swing set
My $5 bargain will help keep The Little Fulla entertained.

Now, how long is it going to take to make that pallet pile disappear? Does anyone else have a pallet-hoarding spouse? Do I need to send The Husband to Palletholics Anonymous?

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