The Demo Project Update

Ok, I think you’ve earned an update on the big backyard Demo Project by now. Yes, it’s been going more slowly than I’d like, but that’s always the way. I am very pleased with what we’ve done so far. If you’re new to these parts, the demo project is a multi-faceted re-do of the chicken … More The Demo Project Update

The Spring Crazies

The last few weeks have seen all sorts of things going on for us. I did some work for the elections, which was busy but fun and financially helpful. We went to Auckland one day to visit our youngest nephew, The Little Gingernut. We also walked in Cornwall Park and enjoyed watching and feeding the … More The Spring Crazies

One Pile Down

Today, I am feeling pleased with myself, for I have gotten rid of a pile. The too-long pile of wood that sat in an ugly fashion near the deck for too long has gone! I sawed up the last of it into fire-sized pieces and The Little Fulla helped me to transport the smaller, rotting … More One Pile Down