Gardening in a Wet Winter

I’m not on entirely good terms with this wet winter. I would rather have cold mornings that give rise to sunny days than continuously soggy ground, but we have to make the most of what is given to us and find other things to do.

Once the big wooden planter was freed from the blackcurrant bushes, I moved it to where I always intended to put it, at the side of the back door. Even empty it was still ridiculously heavy. I had to do a big clean up first, as this corner had become a messy gathering of frost-tender plants and waiting-to-be-planted plants. In the planter I planted three of my frost-tender plants: lemongrass, the lime tree and the kaffir lime tree. I don’t keep many frost-tender plants because I can’t be bothered coddling them. That’s how my last lime tree died. I left it out in the garden in its pot hoping it was tough enough to handle the frosts. It wasn’t. I could have at least moved it to the deck. Poor plant. I wasn’t planning to plant the lime in the wooden planter as it will probably grow too big, but we’ll see how it goes. The kaffir lime and lemongrass were in desperate need of feeding but they’ll be happy chappies soon enough.

Deck plants
It was time for the other side of the back door to get a tidy-up. The big wooden planter now contains the citrus-ey lemongrass, lime tree and kaffir lime. The tamarillo is at the front of the photo.

The tamarillo is another frost-tender plant I’m keeping on the deck. The lemon tree in the big black pot is frost-tender at this age so it’s still on the deck while I decide what to do with it. We really only need one lemon tree but the one in the orchard is a bit old and insect-damaged so I want to keep this young one. I suppose I should just plant it somewhere. Just not right now…

It’s just as well the Vege Garden is all raised beds with the amounts of rain we’ve had. All the garlic and elephant garlic has come up. Hooray! Now I have to watch closely for signs of rust and hope it can get going strongly before any rust affects its growth.

The brassica seedlings are chugging along and we had to hastily harvest and freeze a trug load of broccoli before loading up the car with our suitcases, otherwise it would have been a bunch of flowers by the time we got back from holiday.

As the skies began to clear from the last rainstorm hope was renewed of the water drying out once again.

Grey skies clearing
Openings of light in a grey sky are a beautiful thing.
Almond tree flowering
Another sight that brings hope: flowers on the new ‘All in One’ almond tree. Bring on the nuts!

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