One Pile Down

Today, I am feeling pleased with myself, for I have gotten rid of a pile. The too-long pile of wood that sat in an ugly fashion near the deck for too long has gone! I sawed up the last of it into fire-sized pieces and The Little Fulla helped me to transport the smaller, rotting sticks to the Plum Tree Garden to be used as mulch.

Chopping woodpile
The too-big woodpile 2 1/2 months ago, when it wasn’t even at its worst. Yikes!
At the end of today, we had this!

We were lucky to get a good patch of weather, as it’s been the spring crazies today. We were woken up at 5am by a storm of thunder, lightning and torrential rain. The whole day has been a weird mixture of warm sun, gusty winds and bouts of turbulent rain, with some hail thrown in for good measure. Going outside was somewhat akin to playing Russian roulette. While the weather was behaving again, I moved the pile of long pallet-type wood that The Husband had left beside my trays of plants for some unknown reason and I pulled out some weeds.

There is still some other wood that needs to be cut. There are some longer bits in the carport that can be cut up with the circular saw for the fire. There is the Pallet Pile out the front.

And there is The Husband’s newest wood pile. One day he came home with a van load of free firewood from the side of the road. Fortunately, he couldn’t fit the whole pile in his van… Obviously, this was an oversight on my part, for when I said, “No more pallets until you’ve cut up the wood we’ve got!” I should have said, “No more WOOD until you’ve cut up the wood we’ve got!” I have now announced this clarification. It is now spring. We won’t be using too much more wood. And between the new firewood and the Pallet Pile that is still out the front, we’ll be lucky if we can fit it all in the woodshed. And I’ve got masses of tree pruning still to do since it was too wet all winter, which means more wood. And I refuse to have piles of wood sitting around in annoying places until next winter. Mind you, I intend to confiscate some of the new ‘firewood’ to use as natural pavers in a little project. Do do do…

The firewood pile
The Husband’s newest firewood pile. I use the sawhorse for cleaning my chicken equipment. Well, I used to.

Is it just me, or do we seem to be going one pile forward, two piles back?

What do you think?

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