Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 2 – Mary & The Angel Are Fugitives?

Scripture: Luke 1:28-31

“I think that one’s Joseph, or Mary, or the curled up baby. I was right yesterday.”


(Me – “How would you feel if a big, shiny, scary angel showed up and told you you were going to have a baby?”) — “I would get a big sword. I would get anything I could.” (Behold, God’s wisdom in choosing females to be the ones who carry the babies.)

“HAAHAAHAAHAAA!” (The angel laughs ominously.)

“Help, I’m stuck in people jail!” “I got out!” “Ooh I gotta go quick, the police are gonna catch me.” “I’m up on the chimney!” “Oh, they’re getting the helicopter.”

“She is my friend. My house, my house.” “You can’t catch us!” (The angel and Mary hide in the drawer’s cavity and the draw gets pushed in in front of them.)

“But that’s the one the angel needs to be in coz the angel wants Mary to rescue him, so they need to be in the same box.”

(Mary pulls the angel around in a drawer.) “A trailer on my one horse open sleigh… One horse open sleigh, one horse open sleigh. Oh, it’s Christmas. Oh, it’s Christmas.”

What do you think?

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