Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 3 – Oh, It’s a Crown

Scripture: Luke 1:31-38

“I think it’s gonna be Joseph or the baby.” “Oh. I didn’t think it would be that.”

(Me – “What do you think the crown’s for?”) — “Mary?”

(Me – “He was going to be a very, very special baby.”) — “Specialer than anything?” — (Me – “Yes.”)

“You can’t get us now. We can fly up here in our helicopter.” (The angel and Mary are on the run again, Mary dangling from the angel’s loop.)

“We got you and we got our crown back.”

“Oh yeah, tow our one horse open sleigh.” (The angel, in his drawer, tows Mary, in her drawer, with his handy loop once again.) “Hold onto your one horse open sleigh, trailer.”

“Oh, your in jail. Angel, you’re in jail.” “Angel, hold on to me!” (Mary swoops to the rescue in her drawer.) “Ok. I’ll bring my one horse open sleigh too.”

“I’m coming down here now. Waaaahhh!” (The angel slides down the roof and falls splat on the ground.)

(Mary and the angel hide out in the cavities behind the draws again.) “They like playing inside the draws.” “Beep, beep, beep, beep.” (Each drawer gets put back into position with a reversing noise.)

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