Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 4 – Is Joseph a Policeman or a Boy Racer?

Scripture: Matthew 1:18-20

“Is it Joseph?”

“Why is he small?”

“I’m the police. Come on man.” (Joseph tries to get hold of the angel and Mary.)

“Angel, come to the police.” (The angel and Mary escape onto the roof.) “Oh, I have to climb up here.”

(Me – “The angel appeared to Joseph as well, and said…) — “He’s not listening.” (Me – “Well, he should be.”)

“Behold, I can drive! Brrrrrrrmm.” (Joseph drives off in his newly discovered upside-down drawer car while the angel and Mary hide out in the house.)

“Rrrrrmmm rrrrrrmm rrrrmm rrrrrmmm…” (Joseph, now in a four-drawer car drives around, crashing into the advent house repeatedly.)

(The Little Fulla is told it’s time to put the advent characters away and Joseph hoons off to the other end of the table in his drawer tower car.)

What do you think?

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