Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 5 – A Mysterious Cross

Scripture: Matthew 1:21-24

“It’s something shiny and metal.” (Me – “What is it?”) — “Ha ha ha ha.” (He was exceedingly mysterious about this one.)

(Me – “Do you know what it means?”) — “That God was going to die on the cross.”

“Now you go to the cross Jophe… Joseph.” “I expected you not to.”

(Me – “You shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their ss…”) — “Sin.” (Me – “Yes!”)

“Who do you think is driving today?” (The drawer tower car is back.) “The same person who was driving the other day.” (Me – “Joseph?”) — “Joseph wasn’t there the other day. He wasn’t alive then.”

“What do you think the cross is gonna do? Ha ha ha haaa.” “Don’t put me in jail or I’m gonna growl at you.” “GRRRRRRRR!” “The loudest growl is the angel’s growl.”

“I’ll put you in the hardest box to get out – it’s number 5! Ha ha ha!”

“So much things to put in one box.”

“And then the soldiers came over and blocked a second hole that was not used anymore.”

“Who’s excited for the merry tune?” “Who’s excited to come in next?” “Me!” “Who’s excited to come in next?” “Me!”

“Rrrrrmmm rrrrrrrrmm rrrrrrrmm…” (The drawer tower car starts crashing into the advent house again. Hmm, I was looking forward to the merry tune…)

“I want more time to play with them.” (Sad child.)

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