Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 6 – The Donkey is Helpful But Joseph Has Problems

Scripture: Luke 2:1-3

“It’s something grey.” “With eyes.”

“Hehehe.” (Mary rides on the donkey, which is funny because she’s far too big for it.)

“Doesn’t it look beautiful?” (All the characters inside the house.)

“Waaahh, the tower’s going.”

“He got hurt and he nearly died but he’s ok now.” “Those two boxes fell over.” (The donkey had a falling tower accident.)

“These ones are the ones that I like the best. These toys.”

“These ones are the donkey’s house.”

“But Joseph is in jail. Coz he’s been bad.” “He crashed into two people with his racing car.”

“At home, donkey has a mum and dad. He has his own play areas. And that’s the kitchen. And that’s the chair.”

“Donkey is sweeping out the chimney.” “Sweeping out the chimney.”

“That was my lunch. My luuunch break.” “Oh donkey, where are you?”

“Joseph looks a bit sad.” (Me – “Why?”) “Because he was in jail a long time.” “He covers his face up. He doesn’t answer ever.”

“He’s not able to get up the stairs.” “Because the police made him not able to get up the stairs anymore.”

(Joseph finally gets up the stairs and looks into the lowest level of the house.) “My family’s not here anymore.” “He’s thinking they moved house. They moved away.”

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