Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 7 – A Little City

Scripture: Luke 2:4-5

“It’s something with bricks.” (Me – “What is it?” “Is it a city?”) “No. I think it’s the straw house where Joseph and Mary live.”

“They are too big!” (Joseph, Mary and the donkey travel into, or over, the little city.)

“When they got there did Mary have her baby?” “They got the baby!” (Me – “Not yet. The baby hasn’t appeared yet.”) “The baby has appeared.”

“The donkey couldn’t find his way home. The donkey could only find these boxes.” “This is their home, Mummy.”

“Mary has to sit in a bath.”

“The angel’s house is in there.”

(The donkey runs around the advent house then bounces up in the air.) (Me – “What is the donkey doing?”) “Donkey would say nothing.” “This is the donkey’s home toy.” (The city.) “They can fit it in their car.”

“Their mum has so many carriages.”

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