Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 8 – The Baby Finally Arrives

Scripture: Luke 2:6-7a

“It’s someone with hair.” “Baby Jesus.”

“When will the thing that he lies in appear?” “I know it’s in that box.”

“Mary, stop bouncing on yer baby.”

“That’s why she’s big, Mummy, because she had a baby in her tummy.”

“It’s (the city’s) over there because they had to travel a long way.” “Where are you going, horsie?” (The donkey trots off to the other end of the table with Joseph on its back.)

“Do chhh do do chh, do do chhh do do do chhh…” (Building the drawer tower car comes with a soundtrack.) “Should we make this car a bit smaller?!”

“I just love this donkey.” “I just like it.”

“Mary has to have the baby in there.” “He has to have Mary.” (They get put away in the same drawer. Well, they don’t really fit in one drawer because Mary is so big.)

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