Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 13 – Now The Shepherds Have a Sheep, But They’re a Bit Distracted

Scripture: Luke 2:15-20

“It’s something with white fur.” (Me – “White wool?”) “Yes.”

“Now, lie straight. Like that.” (Baby Jesus is instructed on how to lie in the manger again.)

“I’m flying!” (The two angels fly through the air.)

“Ahhhrr!” (The sheep shepherd starts fighting with the angels in the air.)

“Joseph, can you take this one to jail?” “Ok.” “I put you in jail. I put you in jail because you’ve been silly.” “Thank you, Joseph.”

“I wish I had something small enough to fit in that door.” (The staff shepherd tries to get into the little city.) (Me – “It would have to be something tiny, like an ant.”) “Can we get an ant?” (“No.”) “Ok, we’ll have to smash the door open.” (“Ah, no.”)

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