Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 14 – Of Staffs, Candy Canes & Giant Caterpillars

Scriptures: Revelation 7:17 and John 10:11

(Me – “A candy cane’s shape is like this (gesturing in the air), like a shepherd’s staff.”) “No, it goes like this and then this.”

“But if a baddie comes and they (the shepherds) can’t handle it they need a police car.”

“It doesn’t even work for me.” (The trumpet.)

“Let’s find the angel that we’re scared of.” (Says the staff shepherd.)

“Oi, get out of my house!” “Ahhh!” “You’re in jail. The little angel is in jail.”

“Ahhhh!” “My house!” (The house has been turned into a pile of mess.) “It’s your fault!” (The little angel is having a bad day.)

“Donkey is putting things in the tunnel.” “Last one, says donkey.”

“And then, donkey has his own candy canes to eat.” “He’s brushing his teeth with it because it feels like toothpaste, so he’s wiping it on his teeth. Nom nom nom…”

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! She woke the caterpillar up!” “Chomp.” (The giant caterpillar chomps Mary.) “The caterpillar went away.”

“She (Mary) bonked herself upside-down in the tunnel. And then a boulder came on top of her.”

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