Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 15 – A Name & a Greedy Donkey

Scripture: Luke 2:21

“What does it say?” (Me – “Jesus.”) “Why does it say ‘Jesus’?” (“Well, let’s read the scripture.”)

“It’s not electric so the animals can it eat. The candy canes.”

“They need to get up to the top of the house.” “It’s really expensive to do.” “I’m making a ladder. They have to try and get up there.”

“It’s gonna be unstable!”

‘Donkey has candy canes under his pillow. Coz he likes candy canes.” “These are all his toys.”

“They have a toy grabber.”

“Ooh, I can make a Christmas tree with the boxes.” “A Christmas tree!”

“I’m making the Christmas tree even taller.” “That should be enough there.”

“Donkey knocked it over!” “I put donkey on top.” “Donkey doesn’t like Christmas trees.”

“Donkey has the candy canes to his whole self.” (Donkey takes the candy canes up onto the chimney.)

“Will you share the candy canes with me?” (Asks the sheep.) “Can you share them with me please?” “No.” “Ahhhhhhh!” (The sheep falls down from the roof.)

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