Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 16 – Wise Men vs. Shepherds

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2

“Which one went first and which one went second and which one went last?”

“Donkey is always funny.” (He’s got the candy canes again.)

(The wise men travel slowly towards the stable scene.)

“Oh, poops. We lost our way.” “Let’s go this way.” “Let’s go into the wilds.”

(Two wise men lift the drawer off the other one.) “Are you alive? Are you alive?” “Wahhhh!” (The wise man goes up into the Advent house.)

“Let’s get back to our work.” (Say the shepherds.)

“They’re coming out and they’re hiding in each box.” (The wise men.) “But they’re not gonna hide in that box, coz they’ll know.” (Me – “Who will know?”) “The shepherds.” “They like sheep smells.”

“It might be this box because it smells like person and sheep.” “Ha!”

“It might be this one… Yup, something’s under there.” “Hey, ha!” (The staff shepherd hooks the wise man and puts him in the Advent house.)

“They’re hiding.” “They’re pretending they didn’t come out but the shepherds knew they had come out because something was different.” “Ha! We found you!”

“Can’t get out, can’t get out.” (A step is built and the wise men get out of the Advent house.)

“Now, follow the shining star. Now!” “Follow the shining star or go to jail.”

“Wahhh!!!!” ‘Poof.’ (The sheep shepherd falls off the edge of the table.)

“Why do we have to follow the shining star?” “Because you’ve got green and yellow.”

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