Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 17 – King Herod & The Hidden Candy Canes

Scripture: Matthew 2:3-8

“Donkey’s dancing in his box, boinging his head on the box because he’s excited to see that one.”

“You have to go in jail because you’re not green.” (The purple wise man gets put in a drawer.)

“Ok, I’ll follow you to find the baby.” (King Herod follows the wise men.) “But the baby’s not in there!”

“Ok, you go in jail.” (The wise men are put in a drawer.) “You go in jail.” (King Herod puts baby Jesus in the Advent house, but baby Jesus comes out.)

(A large palace is built.)

(Donkey starts eating candy canes again.) “Those are for Christmas.” (King Herod takes the candy canes and hides them under the pile of things.) “What?!”

“Baby Jesus is hiding somewhere.” “You’re being so silly. You’re being so silly!” (King Herod is put under a drawer.)

“Yes, I should eat all the candy canes.” (Says donkey.) (The candy canes are put under a drawer.) “I heard munch, munch, munch.”

“Is this the candy canes box?”

“He’s having fun poking his head in there looking for the candy canes.” “And Mary’s like, What?!”

“Where’s King Herod and his donkey?” (The wise man looks.) “His donkey is sleeping.”

‘Pfffff pfffff pfffff…’ (The drawers get clawed into a big pile.)

“King Herod died. Coz the boxes went down so hard that they bashed him in half.”

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