Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 18 – The Star & King Herod’s Castle

Scripture: Matthew 2:9-10

“Who’s waiting for us today?” (Says King Herod.) “It’s you!” (The wise men.) “Can you find baby Jesus and come and tell me where he is? Otherwise I’ll fire you.”

“I’m a wise man! Oh, poops, I’m not.” (Says King Herod.)

“I’m gonna try build a castle with all my blocks, for King Herod.”

“He can’t even fit in there, his arms are too wide!”

“We need to make it taller so he can fit.”

(King Herod climbs up to the top.)

“A giant hotel!” (King Herod’s castle gets taller.)

“Maaaaaa.” “Ok, sheepy.” “Where’s the second box please, sheepy?” (The sheep has now taken the top spot.)

“Cebu! Cebuuuuuu! Cebu!…” (The wise men bounce around while singing a Veggie Tales song.)

(The sheep knocks down some drawers.) “Was that you, sheepy?” (Says King Herod.) “I guess it was.” (Says sheep.)

“I dropped him in the box.” (King Herod is suddenly missing a hand – the first casualty.)

(Eating noises – donkey is now up in the castle by himself, eating the candy canes.)

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