Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 19 – I’ve Struck Gold!

Scripture: Matthew 2:11

“Mummy, do you know which one had this?” “He must have had them. He must have had them in his box because he’s the lightest.” (The green wise man.)

“Mary doesn’t go on the donkey because she’s had her baby.”

“C’mon, fit in my box!” (Says the green wise man to the coins.)

“I got my first button coins.” (Me – “Those were a present for baby Jesus from the wise men.”) “No, they’re mine. They’re my coins.”

“They’re nice and cold to sleep on.”

“Donkey is a bit bored today.” “He’s tired. He’s sleeping coz he’s a bit tired and sick.” (But then donkey comes out and nibbles the candy canes, before jumping up in the air and screeching.) “Reeeeee!!!”

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