Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 20 – Keep The Frankincense Away From The Donkey

Scripture: Matthew 2:11 (Frankincense – A resin. Ingredient of incense used on the altar to make sacrifices.)

“Where will they carry them? How will they carry them?” (The gifts.) “Maybe on a goat.”

“Which one carried them?” “I don’t have any gift.” (Says the purple wise man. He is ill-favoured because he’s a ‘girl colour’.)

“Donkey has to have the candy canes.”

“They got their own jar. The wise men.”

(Eating noises – donkey starts eating the frankincense.)

“He rolls it around eating it.”

“He takes the jar and the candy canes and he goes away.”

(Donkey goes behind the advent house, then into a drawer with the things and a drawer is put on top of them.)

“It’s too heavy, I can’t get it off.” (Says Mary.)

“Ah!” (Mary uncovers the gold from under another drawer.) “But that’s not what we want.”

“Oh, where’s the gift I gave you?” (Says the red wise man.) “It’s in here!” (The wise man lifts off the top drawer.) “Oh, thank you, I couldn’t take that off.” (The frankincense is taken back from the donkey.)

“A sandwich is here, a sandwich is here.” (A gold coin sandwich.) “Ahh! We lost our sandwich.”

“Donkey is putting those on them.” (Mary, the red wise man and the gold are covered with drawer towers. And donkey gets the frankincense back.)

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