Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 21 – Myrrh, Another Ingredient in Donkey’s Breakfast

Scripture: Matthew 2:11 (Myrrh – A sap. Ingredient in sacred anointing oil, used on everything in Tabernacle (God’s holy place)).

“Why didn’t they bring more gifts?”

“You don’t have anything because you left it there last night.” (Says one wise man.) “But I do!”

“Which one is mine to take home?” “This is mine to take home.” “And this is mine.”

“Since donkey heard that, what would he see fresh in the box when he hops out and sees?” “He gets the candy canes out and puts them in the box too. And then he goes for an adventure.” “He puts the lid on so no-one can see them.”

“And there’s donkey in there with his candy canes, nice and safe.”

“If the wise men see the candy cane number they might see the donkey’s number 6 box and climb in. But donkey doesn’t want that. So if he hears them coming he will rush and put the candy cane box on top.”

“The wise men can’t get their treasures.” (Me – “They might have to find them.”) “They can’t. It’s not even in their land even. They’re behind the house.” “They can’t get their things because donkey has them.”

“All mine!” (Donkey eats the myrrh.)

(King Herod appears and donkey and his drawer go up into the air.) “Argh, come back down!” (Says King Herod.) “It’s mine!” “No, it’s mine!” “It’s mine!”

“We can share them.” (Donkey and the staff shepherd.) (King Herod is put in the Advent house.) “He was naughty and donkey got the shepherd to put him in there.”

“Ah, that’s where the wise things are.” (Says the green wise man.) (The drawer goes up in the air, then onto the roof.) “Bring them back!” “No!” “Sharing is caring.” “That sharing is not caring. So I will give them back.”

“Yeah, we got the ingredients, we got the ingredients! The ingredients is candy canes. Ah, that’s our sandwich things. We got the ingredients at least: sandwich (gold), candy canes, peanut butter (frankincense) and blueberries and raspberries (myrrh). Mix the peanut butter and candy canes and blueberries and raspberries on the sandwich.” (Eating noises as donkey eats the things.) “And… Done.”

“I’m hungry, time for some chamomile tea.” (The staff shepherd drinks the myrrh.) “No, that’s my breakfast.” (Says donkey.)

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