I Like Burgundy

Yes, I like burgundy in my garden. And I want more too. There is just something about the colour that fascinates me, and yet it is hard to describe what exactly burgundy is. It is somewhere between red, purple and pink, often dark but sometimes a bit more bright. It doesn’t help that these sorts of colours are often hard to get a representative photo of. Here are some images from my garden of what I like to call burgundy, at the moment anyway.

DSCF6742 cp
Verbena ‘Merci’

Verbena ‘Merci’ is one of my favourite flowering perennials at the moment. It flops over the edge of my railway sleepers with it’s wee balls of burgundy constantly lolloping about.

DSCF6754 cp
Zantedeschia ‘Black Panther’

I love dark calla lilies. Some day I would like to have a nice swathe of them in the garden.

DSCF7188 cp

This liquidambar is the biggest tree in my garden. Sometimes it annoys me with the amount of shade it casts over my back garden, but it always redeems itself in autumn when it enthusiastically tries to display all the shades of the rainbow simultaneously.

DSCF7179 cp
Ajuga reptans ‘Chocolate Chip’

Not entirely burgundy, it’s leaves range from green to brown, but the new growth has a lovely burgundy tinge.

DSCF6593 cp
Lysimachia atropurpurea ‘Beaujolais’

This Lysimachia is another of my favourite perennials. It is quirky and fascinating. The flower spikes just keep getting longer and longer, while their tips curl whimsically in all directions.

DSCF7184 cp

These are the violas I got from the Ellerslie Flower Show. They look even better in real life.


These aquilegias are a beautiful colour. They popped up in late spring.

DSCF6583 cp
Lobelia ‘Queen Victoria’

This is the plant with bright red flowers, but what I love most is it’s dark burgundy foliage, especially when the buds are forming, like this.

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