Makin’ Mayo

I have been making my own mayonnaise for a wee while now. It is easy, fresh, preservative-free and tasty!

DSCF0482 cp
Mr Whizzy’s first batch of mayo.

The recipe I use is Whole Egg Mayonnaise, posted by rfmommy on It uses whole eggs, so there is no waste, no fiddling around and no parts of eggs sitting around looking for homes in other recipes. Here are a few tips from my experience and the comments of others:

  • Make sure the eggs are at room temperature.
  • You can use mustard instead of mustard powder.
  • You can use extra-virgin olive oil if you like (I’m going to try this for my next batch).
  • I use about 1 1/2 cups oil as I find 2 cups too oily.
  • Make sure you drizzle the oil in very slowly while the processor runs in order to get a good thickness. A great way to do this is by poking a small hole in the bottom of a paper or plastic cup with a toothpick or sharp knife. Then the cup can just sit on top of the food processor chute, drizzling away.

The recipe states that it keeps for up to two weeks in the fridge. Mayo is useful for all sorts of things. We put it on top of our pizzas (which we make without cheese), on our burgers and in our coleslaw. I make aioli with it and use it in egg salad and tuna or salmon salad for sandwiches. Some of these recipes may make an appearance here soon.

When you run out, you can just whip up some more.

Go on, try it!

DSCF0485 cp
Our sauce bottles are from Storage Box.

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